Trailer Park Wives Part One, the Singlewide Edition

I've learned a lot at the Sell More Books Show.

Trailer Park Wives Part One, the Singlewide Edition

Now you can listen to a sample chapter on SoundCloud.

I’ve learned a lot of helpful things at the Sell More Books Show.

A sample chapter from Trailer Park Wives Part One is now available on Soundcloud. Cool beans!


Follow the link below to find the track on SoundCloud.

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Molly's Folly

A New Romance!

Molly's Folly

A secret baby, a lost love . . . what else is in store for her?

A high-powered Washington insider, Molly Brandenberg has been sent back to Bellefleur, a sleepy river-town on the banks of the Ohio, to set up a headquarters for her senator boss.
But when she runs into the guy who took her to the senior prom, Brett Nardi, her one true love, she begins to wonder if perhaps she didn’t make a mistake when she kicked the dust of Bellefleur off her heels sixteen years earlier?

Because, on the fateful night when Brett told her he loved her, something happened between them that would change their lives forever after.

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Black Bear and the Handmaiden

NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND ONLINE, WITH A FRESH, NEW COVER – In this highly eroticized re-telling of the classic Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, readers will fall in love with the two beautiful, lustful sisters, Snow White and Rose Red. Snow White, with her porcelain-like skin, blonde hair, and demure pink lips, wants to marry Jacob Grimm, but he, the wayward lad, wants to marry a lass with money and a title; sadly, Snow White has none of these attributes.

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Breaking Out

I learned a great number of things at the Sell More Books Show, and one of those things is how to share tracks on Soundcloud and also how to embed a section of audio.

The first selection below is the moment when Mike first meets Hank and realizes that the guy is built a little bit differently from the average man.



This selection, chapter nine, is my favorite chapter in the book. It’s the moment when Hank meets the love of his life, and Mike reconnects with a childhood friend.



I just re-released Black Bear and the Handmaiden with a gorgeous new cover . . . check it out!