Crushing It

Crushing It -- Book One of the Girls of Bloomington North Series

Crushing It

The girls of Bloomington North are on a mission!

Summer’s over and it’s back to Bloomington North High School.

It’s just another year of torture for Mona as she struggles to fit in with the crowd. 

Not to mention the two boys she swoons over, Keith Nelson and Esau Stein. Like everyone else at North, they don’t acknowledge her existence. 

She wants nothing more than to fit in and feel wanted. 

But what happens when that leads to false friendships and hurt feelings?

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Molly's Folly

A New Romance!

Molly's Folly

A secret baby, a lost love . . . what else is in store for her?

A high-powered Washington insider, Molly Brandenberg has been sent back to Bellefleur, a sleepy river-town on the banks of the Ohio, to set up a headquarters for her senator boss.
But when she runs into the guy who took her to the senior prom, Brett Nardi, her one true love, she begins to wonder if perhaps she didn’t make a mistake when she kicked the dust of Bellefleur off her heels sixteen years earlier?

Because, on the fateful night when Brett told her he loved her, something happened between them that would change their lives forever after.

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Breaking Out

NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND ONLINE – Thanks to Paul Sturgess, his long-time family friend and benefactor, Mike Sloan has lived a comfortable existence during college as a record-breaking swimmer. Find out more…


Mirabelle is a librarian who wears sharp pencil skirts, stiletto heels . . . and dreams that every man she meets is the man of her dreams and her wildest erotic conquest.

That is, until she meets Sam, a summer law clerk, who brings her dreams to reality . . . in only the most erotic ways.


Witness was a real labor of love. I hope you check it out.