The Heartbalm Effect

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The Heartbalm Effect

A Medical Romance

Recent medical school grad Rachel Levange is treating her one-year residency at the clinic in Gnometown, Alaska, strictly as a step on her way to success at the Mayo Clinic.

But she doesn’t count on Dr. Paul Livingston, who considers the hardscrabble clinic as his calling.

He falls for the sultry brunette and longs to keep her at his clinic . . . and in his bed.

But when the Mayo Clinic comes a calling, Rachel has a difficult decision to make.

Does she choose her career . . . or her heart?

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Part Four: Trailer Park Wives -- The Quadruple-Wide Edition

Part Four: Trailer Park Wives -- The Quadruple-Wide Edition

Trailer Park Wives gets the quadruple-wide treatment

When sweet little Alex Witherspoon, Roxanne Bergen’s foster child, wanders off during the opening night game of the village’s first minor league baseball team, everyone is frightened that a child molester may be on the loose.
As everyone scours the town and the trailer park, searching for Alex, Lettie stumbles upon a terrible secret, one that will change everyone’s lives forever.

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Breaking Out

NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND ONLINE – Thanks to Paul Sturgess, his long-time family friend and benefactor, Mike Sloan has lived a comfortable existence during college as a record-breaking swimmer. Find out more…

Camping Weekend

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE – In this erotic comedy of errors—with male/male and male/female romance—three stories intersect. The main story concerns Paul Rumsfeld, a fifty-plus year-old lawyer who’s managed to reach sobriety after many years of struggling with his alcoholism. One night, while leaving a bar in Over-the-Rhine, he stumbles across—quite literally—a beggar on the street. Only the beggar turns out to be Matthew Bergen, a young man whom Paul has agreed to sponsor.

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