Perfect Girls

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Perfect Girls

Young Adult Romance Fiction

Who’d believe life could be so emotionally fraught with terror and pain for the students at Bloomington High School North?

For recent southern-belle transplant, Mindy Chapman, it’s a strange new world, filled with unflappably-chic girls. How will she ever fit in? When Keith Nelson falls in love with her, though, she trades one set of problems for another.

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Trailer Park Wives

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Trailer Park Wives

The Double-Wide Edition

Answers arrive at the same time that new questions emerge. Samantha Jacobs, who’s still busy in Hazard, selling Oxycontin, gets worried when Dwayne takes off on his own. What she finds when she goes looking for him sends her on a new kind of journey…

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Goose Girl & the Mischievous Little Maid

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