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Hello, and welcome to the home page of the Barone Literary Agency!  I'm happy you've decided to visit my website.  You will find helpful information about the kind of writing I'm looking to represent, and how to submit.  In this new decade, the publishing world is changing at an explosive pace. Especially e-publishing.  Back in 2000, e-publishing was a little-known way in which to get your writing career started.  Now, all kinds of writers are using e-publishing, be it getting started in e-publishing, or after many years of developing a name and a brand for themselves, tuning to e-publishing.  The world is limitless and it's up to you to create your path.  You don't have to confine yourself to e-publishing, however.  There is nothing more emotionally satisfying than seeing your books on a table or on a bookshelf in a bookstore.  As your agent, I will journey with you down the path to publishing your story as a book an e-book, or perhaps both.

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