The Tempting Alaskan Doctor

My first medical romance with Cayelle Publishing will be released on December 7!!!

The Tempting Alaskan Doctor

Television newswoman Helena Parker’s new gig will resurrect her flagging career, but it involves filming the taciturn Doctor Mark Roethlisberger as he attends to his medical practice in the remote village of Hoonah Alaska, deep in the inside passage that borders Canada.



Working It:  The Girls of Bloomington North Book One

The young adult romance that got Crushing It and Loving It started!

Working It: The Girls of Bloomington North Book One

Jordan Meadows gets to work on a movie set this summer . . . what could possibly go wrong?

Fans of Girl, Interrupted, Thirteen Reasons Why, and All the Bright Places will love this New York Times bestseller.


Her junior year at Bloomington High School North was tough, what with the PSATs and studying for finals in all her AP classes, and Jordan Meadows is looking forward to a summer of fun and relaxation—driving around town with her friends in her brand new tornado-red Volkswagen Bug, hanging out at the IU Pool, checking out the cute lifeguards, working on the perfect tan—all while maintaining her de rigueur grooming at the Tranquility Spa, which she visits for all her grooming needs, including manicures, pedicures, eyebrow waxes, leg waxes, and anything else-she-can-think-of-waxes.

That is, until Dad lowers the boom. No more Daddy-the-ATM, no more National Bank of Daddykins, no more running his Mastercard up to the credit limit, no sirree, young lady, those days are over. He orders her to get a summer job.

Jordan is beyond annoyed. Really, Dad? Really? A job, really? Yes, really.

Resigned to her cruel fate, Jordan attempts to find something she can do that won’t interfere with her grooming schedule.

But then she sees a notice in The Herald Times, announcing that a film crew is coming to Bloomington that summer to film House of Wax IX: Revenge of the Revengenator, and that people wanting to work as extras can apply at an open casting call.

How cool is that? She’ll work as an extra!

In a bizarre twist of irony—her dad is a master at noticing ironic twists—Jordan parlays her knowledge of all things wax into a job on the makeup crew, dribbling wax on the extras . . . talk about playing to her strengths!

And then she meets a cute red-haired boy who enjoys having hot wax dribbled all over his body and then he asks if Jordan will dribble wax . . . anywhere else?

Author’s Note: Working It is book one in a three-book series about the girls of Bloomington North High School. The next two books in the series are Crushing It and Loving It.

Working It can be read as a standalone.

This first book is sweet, and the following two books in the series are more hard-core.



The Latest from Angharad Jones ~ More Books

Black Bear and the Handmaiden

NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AND ONLINE, WITH A FRESH, NEW COVER – In this highly eroticized re-telling of the classic Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, readers will fall in love with the two beautiful, lustful sisters, Snow White and Rose Red. Snow White, with her porcelain-like skin, blonde hair, and demure pink lips, wants to marry Jacob Grimm, but he, the wayward lad, wants to marry a lass with money and a title; sadly, Snow White has none of these attributes.

Find out more…

Breaking Out

I learned a great number of things at the Sell More Books Show, and one of those things is how to share tracks on Soundcloud and also how to embed a section of audio.

The first selection below is the moment when Mike first meets Hank and realizes that the guy is built a little bit differently from the average man.



This selection, chapter nine, is my favorite chapter in the book. It’s the moment when Hank meets the love of his life, and Mike reconnects with a childhood friend.



Crushing It, my fun YA comedy, is going to come out soon on audibles, and I also just re-released Black Bear and the Handmaiden with a gorgeous new cover . . . check it out!