Not only did I add a buy link, but I even designed my own slider, woot!

There was a cartoon that my children loved to watch when they were little, called Pinkie and the Brain. And every episode started with Pinkie asking the Brain, “What are we gonna do today, Brain?”

And Brain replied, “What we do every day, Pinkie. We’re going to take over the world.”

I feel a little bit like that right now as I play with my website and add things to make it fun and hopefully, kind of silly.

Cool beans! I added buy links to my website! Woo-hoo!

I am so very, very glad that I broke down and paid a professional person to revamp my website. My poor dear husband, who has tried to help me over the years, is busy with his own work, and didn’t have the time to devote to all the necessary work involved in redesigning a website and getting it out there, so thank you to Austin Designworks! Thank you, Dawn for doing such fine work.                                             I am getting ready to attend a conference in May in Nashville, Tennesse, and I’m starting to get my publicity stuff prepared. Since the last time I attended a conference, I’ve re-done my website, added three books to Audibles, and I want my bookmarks, which I’ll be handing out as promotional material, to reflect those changes.  

                           I need to create a bookmark for Judging Rachel, and three new bookmarks for my audible books. Trailer Park Wives I and II already have bookmarks, but there is not a buy link for audibles on those bookmarks, so I need to revise those bookmarks, and I’d also like a bookmark for Breaking Out, my male-male romance, also on audibles. And just because I was thinking about it, I realized that I wanted to add a buy link to the website for Breaking Out.

So I pulled up the guide that Dawn gives her authors and used it to add a booklink to all the pages where Breaking Out appears, and cool beans! It was easy peasy! 

I had considered ordering some of my books printed, but unfortuantely that’s very expensive, and so I decided to go with the bookmarks. Much cheaper, and I enjoy giving away bookmarks; books, not so much.

Until later, peeps!

Carry On, Doctor!

Oh, how I love the naughty cartoons! 

Anyway, so when I got the detailed rejection letter from Harlequin Medical, one of the most important pieces of advice I received was this: to read as many of the books in the series as I could. Quite frankly, that was unbelievably helpful, and one of the books that really inspired me was Amy Ruttan’s book, Craving Her Ex-Army Doc.

As I read Amy’s book, I became aware of a companion book, His Shock Valentine’s Proposal, in which she dealt with the romance between Carson and Esme, who are, more or less, incidental characters in the second book (which I read first, natch!), Craving Her Ex-Army Doc.

I love the way Amy created her characters’ world, and how Carson and Esme, the lovers in the first novel, are friends of the lovers in the second book. All very nicely fitted together, and I thought, gee, I’d love to write a book with a potential for a second, companion novel, but as time has passed, it has occurred to me, that maybe, just maybe, I should just focus on writing and editing and perfecting this book before I start trying to spin sequel stories out of the world I’ve created.

Although, I am attempting to introduce some secondary characters, who may form the basis of the next novel. We’ll see how that works out, won’t we?

I would love it if I could do that effectively, but I still need to focus on writing the best novel I can.

That’s it for now, kids!

I’ll check back in with you tomorrow, so until then, carry on, Doctor! Carry on, Nurse!

Carry on, Denise!

Carry on, Nurse!

When I was young, my Welsh mother, who worked as a Nurse, first in North Wales, then at Hammersmith Hospital in London, and then who traveled to the United States to pursue her desire to travel and see the world, and who met my father, a doctor, at Cook County Hospital in Chicago and . . . well, they fell in love, married, and had me!

In any event, my mother, who was a great reader, and who still reads volumes of books today, used to talk acerbically about the pulp novels of her time, those novels being romances along the lines of medical romances, with titles such as Carry on, Nurse! and Carry on, Doctor! My mother must’ve read a few of them, because she thought they were simply awful. Written in the stiff-upper-lip-I-shall-carry-on-Doctor style of the late fifties, they usually involved stories of male doctors and women nurses, who saved the day by being properly British and respectable.

My mother clearly thought the pulp novels of that time were laughably bad.

The romance genre in its entirety has come a long way from the fifties, when roles women played as the heroines of their own stories, usually confined these women to playing helpmates to the paternalistic, all-knowing, all-wise doctor, and so I was intrigued when I read on one of my chat loops, that Harlequin was looking for writers to submit to their Medical Romance line. 

I’ve been writing for a good many years, and although I’ve had success with e-publishers and, later, when I got my rights back, with self-publishing my novels, I’ve yet to score a contract with Harlequin, and I very much want to develop my writing career and become a well known writer, and I feel that one important way to do that is to become published with Harlequin.

The editors put out the call for stories in a section they called a MedicalBlitz! on the Harlequin Website, where you could submit your story to an editor, containing the first twenty pages of your story, with the synopsis embedded in the first few pages, and you were guaranteed a reply by February 19. If nothing else, the idea of getting nearly instant feedback was a tremendous incentive for me, and I also liked the ideas that the Medical Romance line is confined to fifty-thousand words. I can easily crank out fifty-thousand words.

And so I did just that. Over a period of a few days, I wrote 5,000 words a day until I had a 20k opening chapter, I edited it as quick and as fast as I could, I wrote a synopsis, and I submitted it. I sent it in, and I waited, and just a few days later, I got a rejection letter (hooray!), but one with lots of incredibly helpful feedback.

I’ll tell you more about this in the next few days, but suffice it to say, I had a lot of work to do to bring the story to the level of a Harlequin Medical Romance.

I really, really, really, really want to sell a Harlequin Medical Romance, and then sell a bunch more, and develop a following and a name for myself and on and on and on. 

I’m in the middle of my fifth set of edits of a story, and I hope that, when I finish it, I’ll make a sale to Harlequin Medical Romance.

Wish me good fortune, or, rather, wish me to Carry on, Denise!


Breaking Out is Out!

I’m so thrilled to share with you the audiobook release of my male-male romance, Breaking Out, narrated by Alex Alvarez. Alex is friends with my female actress narrator, Lindsey Corey, who narrated my Trailer Park Wives Series. If you’re at all interested in listening to the audiobook, please visit this link.

Breaking Out by Angharad Jones